No Keys graphic novel (PATIENCE REQUIRED)




A) A haunted house
B) A cheddar igloo
C) A trailer perched on an underground coal fire that’s been smoldering for 50 years
D) Something worse

Mandibles wants a dog. Stub is looking for a spacious kitchen. Moose would be happy with a garage. And Sheridan wants privacy so he can murder people in peace and quiet, without nosy neighbors complaining about the blood and the screaming.

It should be easy enough for these four friends to find a home, but the real estate market is incredibly wretched, and their options are terrible in the most IMPOSSIBLE ways…

* * *

This 144-page graphic novel has a gloss cardstock color cover, a black-and-white interior, and parody guest appearances from a few celebrities, every one of whom i hope sues me because that’s the only way this zany comic is going to make a bestseller list. Bring it on, Cruise!

★ NOTE: This item currently has uncertain shipping/delivery times; COVID-19 has affected the printer. ★


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